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outside help for ONE of my addictions

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2011 at 9:03 am

sort of like crack

Or inside help. Not sure what to call it. If any of you know me, you know my problem or my addiction with frozen yogurt. Some call it “Froyo”. You know?

You go to the place of choice and self-serve your favorite flavor and add you favorite toppings and you get to pay by weight. It is around 40 cents an ounce. If I go over $5 bucks I know I am being ridiculous. That’s like a pound of yogurt.

I wrote a long time back about my addiction in a prior blog. HERE it is if ya wanna check it. Click that word, “HERE“.

Problem is, the yogurt over at Tutti Frutti has gone to shit. That’s an outside force telling me to slow it down. I was forcing it for a while. Eating the yogurt just because I was hooked even though it wasn’t that good. A couple of weeks back I quit going. I know there is better yogurt out there. I have had it. They are all just too far from my house. I guess if it was crack I would make the trip but it’s only yogurt.

UNTIL my lovely roommate brought some stuff called Menchie’s. This shit is outstanding! Always creamy, always satisfying, always busy as heck. “People watching” up on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica is quite nice. It’s a classy part of town too. It has all the same qualities as Tutti Frutti had. All the things I fell in love with but have since divorced. I have a new love. It is three times as far away as my first love. My visits are not as frequent but I think that will make for a more lasting relationship. I will keep you all posted.

I want to share the letter I wrote to Tutti Frutti trying to help them. I will then show you the response. If the response would have been better, like “Free yogurt for life”, I might have gone back. But this is just plain WEAK! I am sick of crappy customer service. First Delta last week and then this. Ugh.

Dear Tutti Frutti,

I wanted to write to let you know that I have stopped going to one of your stores. It was my “go-to” store and is about a mile from my house. I honestly went there every day. I actually wrote about my addiction in my blog. I will attach the link at the bottom of this email for your reading pleasure.
The problem is, the yogurt has gone downhill quickly. I noticed a few weeks back that depending on who was working, I would find a huge difference in consistency in each type. I would then have to choose the flavor most creamy. NOW, none are creamy. They are all icy. It is unfortunate. I now go the extra mile to Menchies. They are always consistent and every flavor is fantastic.
I guess on the positive side, I don’t eat as much frozen yogurt! But I would love to go back to Tutti Frutti. I hope this letter helps. Thanks for reading.

Thank you for your email.
I will inform the owner to make sure that their employees are properly maintaining their yogurt.
Thank you
Way to keep me as a customer, Tutti Frutti. Dumbasses.
Go to Menchies!

that's my brother on the right, his first "froyo" experience


right now I am into a lot of nuts, all types, and granola.

  1. best blog for my moment…lol…Lije…that was cool…we should all learn from you that the only way we can change things is to express ourselves (without going postal) and let people know what we want instead of just bitching….I hope your yogurt experience gets better…but if I know you right, it may be pizza next week,,,lol….love ya!

  2. […] what we did after that? FROYO baby! And at my new spot, Menchies! That was a little slice of heaven. Click the word if you wanna experience […]

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