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The Ultimate Day

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Here is a little play by play. My brother is visiting from NYC. He has been here since Saturday and we have done A LOT. But why not f#$k up another day.

Wake up at about 7:30am. Do the morning routine. BLOG if I have time. My film came out on Tuesday, Alphonso Bow, so I had to get the word out the best I could. That took an hour or so.

Around 10am we decided to hit the water. It was nice and calm, small waves, easy for my brother and lady to try to surf and SUP (Stand-up Paddle-board). We rolled out to the beach and saw about thirty dolphins popping out of the water. I wasted no time paddling out to see if I could get close. There is nothing better in the morning than the ocean water and being six feet from a dolphin. The shizzle! We tore that up for a bit.

12pm, we decided to go down south and hit the batting cages and go karts. Don’t know why they spell it with a “k” but they do. First, we hit the batting cages at Mulligan Family Fun Center. We pulled in the parking lot and saw five school busses. Not a sign for a relaxing afternoon. No offense kids. We wasted no time in sluggin’ away at some medium fastballs. I went right to the fast fastballs. The dang helmets were all too big though. Sucked. They kept covering my eyes and made it hard to see the ball. That’s my excuse anyways. I wanted to do the fast, fast fastballs. but the machine was spitting the balls all over the place. Actually hit a bus driver in the elbow. We gave him our last token, it made him feel better.

We were going to putt-putt golf here but did you read what I said about the school busses? Enough said.

Go Kart World, here we come! We cruised in, signed our releases, and bought an hour and a half worth of riding. They have three tracks. One is pretty tight. It’s the first one we went on. Two levels. And like a figure eight with tight corners. I came around one of them and saw my brother had spun out. I tried not to hit him but there was that “older brother” inside that steered directly at the ass-end of his cart. BAM! He has had whiplash for three days. Sorry, Van. While we were walking to the next course I noticed the adult carts. I said, “How do we ride those?” Dude said we had to qualify. Which means we have to ride the next two tracks without spinning out or hitting each other. No problem. We rocked that out real quick. I was completely over the 25mph carts though. Three rides was all I needed. My arm was killing me from the day’s prior activities. BUT, we f#$%ing qualified! We put on our masks and helmets and prepared to meet our maker.

The shit was dope! Changed the day from fun to f#$%in’ super fun. One of the tracks just goes in circles so it was like Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift our there. All slick and shit. Highly recommended. I now have a license to drive the carts at all times so please get yours and let’s go race. Seriously.

We headed back to the crib to regroup and then were off to Ethiopian food in Little Ethiopia, which is on Fairfax just north of the 10 freeway. The ONLY problem of the day was my complete meltdown in the car because I was not in control. I HATE traffic in L.A. but I have experience getting around it. I have been running around to auditions for six years. Never late! For some reason I think I am better than every other human on the planet at doing so. So, me sitting as a passenger in a car in stopped traffic causes me to lose my shit. That lasted about 20 minutes. Never again will I put myself in that situation. I take the blame for being an asshole but still, I cannot handle that. So, I am sorry, but I will NEVER ride shotgun again.

We went to Merkato. The food was outstanding. Even though we were told we were eating bread made out of chick peas (super healthy) that turned out to be made out of wheat! Who told us that? I wonder. Whatever. It was like eating air anyways. You actually lay the bread down as your plate and eat off of it. You actually use the bread to do everything. You could probably wipe your ass with it if you wanted to. Food was great. We got to eat with our hands and we all shared. I can’t tell you what we ate, cuz I didn’t order, but I can tell you we had some steak and a whole fish that were both rockin’. See photo for a better idea.

Guess what we did after that? FROYO baby! And at my new spot, Menchies! That was a little slice of heaven. Click the word if you wanna experience Menchies.

That put us at about 7:30pm. We were a half hour behind schedule for the Tigers/Dodgers game but luckily my DirecTV app is awesome and I recorded it. We hit the couch and an hour into it I was the only one still standing. The others had fallen asleep to the wonderful sounds of Vin Scully’s voice. I guess it’s a peaceful way to check out.

Now THAT is a day in the life.

Thanks Van and Jai and Riv,









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