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It has been a couple of weeks since Closing Doors premiered here in L.A. at Dances With Films (DWF). I was going through my notes on my phone today and totally forgot about the breakfast that Canon hosted followed by some knowledge dropped by one of the industry’s best cinematographers, Steven Poster.  He also shot Rocky V (my favorite one) and The Box.

Take it for what it is worth. But I think I wrote these down because they are either super true and valid or they are a bit inspiring.

“I did not know that a short film could have such a dramatic impact in that short amount of time.” – true dat.

“It allows for new talent to come out and show their stuff.” – referring to all the new inexpensive technology that people can use to make a movie. One would think that it would just make for a bunch of shitty films all over the place but it has done the opposite. Technology has allowed for filmmakers who would have in the past not been able to afford to shoot a film, to get to really show their stuff. Very cool.

“Every element of every image informs the audience.” – I find myself analyzing shit I never would even considered three years ago. Although it is hard, I will allow myself to set myself free from critique to actually enjoy Transformers!

“One inch below and one inch above the eye line tells two different stories.”

“Every day you get to put your feet on a set with actors and a story and a camera and get to tell a story is a GIFT. Not everyone gets to do that. It’s a gift.” – This was the highlight of the morning. I realize how lucky I have been to have the support enough to make a feature film. Thanks, C. Devin McKinney and M Sarki. I have gone on to produce a couple more features and direct another little diddy, Closing Doors, that just played DWF. I am a lucky SOB. Not everyone gets to do this. I can’t wait for the next one. This is what I needed. This first half-year of the hustle followed by some SUCCESS. To get to show the work to everyone that chooses to see it. To hear the compliments and assurance that I am getting better at movie-making. I am getting there. Lots of work to do and always improvement to be made.

Here are some photos from the DWF premiere. I never got to share them. Hope you enjoy. We were privileged with another almost sold-out theatre and in company of so many talented filmmakers. There is one short I really didn’t like but the funny thing is, my buddy thought it was the best one. Those are movies for ya.

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