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I sweat a whole person

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..a quote from one of our members.

An ode to Baby Blues BBQ, Sara and Pauline from Southern Wine & Spirits, and the Angels. Thanks to Bryan and Tony for letting me meet the boys from Detroit and give them some BBQ on the 4th of July.

This last week was full of awesomeness. I got to take my lady and her kid down to the Angels/Tigers game on the 4th. What better day to go to a baseball game? The American friggin’ dream. And better yet, I got to meet the announcers, Rod and Mario, from the Tigers. Yup, I took them ribs from Baby Blues BBQ. Hope they talked about it on TV!

The best day was not the 4th but the 6th. It was a day game. Probably 100 degrees and we were right in the shit. One of my favorite things is to be in miserable heat at the same time everyone else is. For some reason it isn’t painful, more enjoyable. To share that pain with others. We got super hooked up by a liquor company I know and they gave us their box in the stadium club. It is seriously like hanging out in an outside bar watching a game live. Standing, sitting, nice bathrooms, bacon wrapped hotdogs, and Jackie our waitress, who never got a drink right, but was so so sweet. Freaking amazing.

And my team won! They lost on the 4th. Pictures once again say a 1000 words. We had some great company with Brian and David too.

Happy Independence friends,









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