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the last summer hoorah

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Off to Michigan. The last of my vacation or hiatus or whatever you wanna call it.

I am sitting here at the airport trying not to worry about work or what I have to do or who I am going to miss. It’s hard for me. To relax. To let go. To turn my dang phone off.

But I am going to. Maybe minus a blog or two. I am really looking forward to letting it go. It’s been about a year since my last Michigan trip and that’s the last time I checked out.

I had a really nice day yesterday just relaxing and getting ready to go. It was a peaceful exit. I took a nice bike ride with my baby. I ate healthy. I watched a baseball game. I had a meeting for a music video that I am going to direct when I get home. AND, I listened to this book called the “4-hour work week” while I was running on the beach. I bought the audio version so I could listen while I run. I run a lot so I should have it finished in a week or so. I actually kept running because I didn’t want to stop listening. Then I remembered I was running a f$&@ing race in Michigan in two days and I should save some legs. I have a feeling this book is gonna help me grow some bigger balls. I actually waited to write in my blog til after it settled in a bit so I wasn’t too irrational. I am sure a lot of people already know about it but I will keep you posted. And if you know me at all, then you know what I am saying.

It has been a constant struggle the last couple months to take a leap. In the direction I have have been going, ya know, but just go full in. It’s making me wanna do things like hike Kilamanjaro. Which I am going to do. I just don’t know if it will happen next week. Ha.

Cheers to summer hiatus. Family, I will see you soon.

Some fun pics from yesterday. Thursday night concerts at the pier in Santa Monica. They had some salsa bands last night. Pretty cool. Only stayed for a minute. We rode bikes to get Froyo. Thought the bike riding validated the yogurt. And some Venice stuff. Ya dig?





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