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hit the recharge button, I did

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you need to. Every so often you have got to check-out. I do. I was getting close to a melting point. Consistently worked my ass off. I know, I know, ya gotta work hard to get results. Shit, I have been doing that for years. I am one of the hardest working people I know, but I needed a vacation.

“There is a visual representation of my trip at the end of the Blog, mostly in the same order”

A vacation is not three or four days out-of-town, hiding, trying to figure out a way to not let anyone know you are gone. I think that ends up being more stressful than staying in town and hiding. I mean a real vacation. I think it has to at least be a week long. You have to have the ability to turn off your phone and not worry if someone can’t get ahold of you. You have to let the emails pile up. You have to have time to let go of every responsibility that you have, besides staying alive. Smile, I like that one. And, you have to surround yourself with shit you enjoy doing and people you haven’t seen in a while. Puts a fresh perspective on life.

It’s also fun to see some other people’s misery. Let’s you know it’s not all “kites and sausages” out there, as my brother would say. Even better if when seeing you helps make the misery go away, then you matter a bit.

I am one day back from my vacation. My personal check-out. I have a new spin on life. I am finding a way to live that is more productive but slowing life down at the same time. No more multi-tasking. I am spending serious time periods in the most productive fashion while I get to enjoy the shit out of the rest of them. I am not gonna lie, I am getting all this from a book my buddy told me to read. It’s called, The Four Hour Work Week.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. I know the productive way to get there. I know this because I rode my bike to get coffee today and I was thinking, “Should I paddle-board today? Or maybe go for a hike? Definitely a run, then a beach work-out. Wait, I should Blog this morning. Yes, that’s what I am doing.” Any other old day I would have headed straight home from coffee and started returning emails and going down my To-Do list. Instead, I have scheduled times for these things. Man, it is refreshing.

You know what is cool? I got online yesterday and checked out the link to buy the movie I directed, Alphonso Bow, it came out in June to the public, and there were only two copies left on That is amaze-balls news a month later, it came out June 21st. Oh, and Closing Doors got into another festival. The fifth one in as many months. All this while I was on vacation. I wasn’t sitting here worried about what I can do to push the movie or tell more people about it. Granted, it still needs to be done, but it is OK to let it go for a minute, or ten days.

I went back to Michigan, where most of my roots are. My best friend from college lives there. Both sides of my family were there. I had to make a bit of a triangle to see them all but it worked out perfectly.

I started out in Traverse City with the tail end of the Cherry Festival which included my traditional 15K race and some awesome fireworks over the bay, saw my sister have a baby, congrats Chelsea, and saw my other sister and brother and their babies. Shout out to Teddy, Mary, and Dani for hosting the traditional party and BBQ on the lake. That taco salad should be illegal. Eric, thanks for coming to meet up and chit-chat about the next movie. Glad we are still friends. Except I can’t barely remember that night! A boot of beer? JC. Kurtz, Carter, and anyone else I forgot or don’t remember seeing, it was a beautiful weekend. Thanks Mom and Terri for letting us crash. We will bring and adult to watch over us next time. Abe, happy birthday.

After TC I cruised to my Dad’s cabin on Lake Huron, the other side of the state. Great grilling, visiting with an uncle I hadn’t seen in twenty years, and seeing my grandparents for the first time in a couple of years. Thank for the waffles, Grandma.

I spent the last five days down in Detroit, just chillin’. Hanging with my pal’s baby girl, O. I think she liked me. I spent a couple of days running the tire off around my waist that I kindly received from drinking and eating for ten days straight. It is still there but shall be gone in a few. Don’t tell my print agent! I spent hours and days riding a beach cruiser around Hines Park listening to my book that I mentioned at the beginning of this. A beach cruiser in Detroit. That’s funny to say. Thinking how excited I am to put that book into action. And, damn it feels good.

Of course I went from a Tiger baseball game at Comerica park right to the airport. That’s the way to leave town and head back to reality. Thanks J and M for the hospitality and great home cooking. Stone and Smith, was a f#$%ing blast hanging out. And Smitty, the tickets rocked. O, you are a beautiful little girl and so damn happy.

Mel showed me a couple of videos that I think are appropriate for the trip. Hilarious is one, the other, my buddy and I would do the same as it. You decide which is which.

Wanna get some pizza? Tally ho!


Tosh.O does a pretty good interpretation of it also. Click below–and-tearin-













































  1. I miss Grandma’s waffles…..

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