Nut Bucket Films


Nut Bucket Films (NBF) is a Los Angeles based film production and development company headed by Lije Sarki. Lije has a history in business and worldly life experience. Dedicated to always absorbing his experiences, he has slammed the Caiparinas in Rio De Janeiro and ran through the streets of Berlin…But most recently he slings some BBQ in Los Angeles and directed a feature film called Alphonso Bow that is about to be released on DVD and VOD by Vanguard Cinema.  NBF has also produced several other projects including the short film Get She Water, which is slated as full-length feature that Lije will direct somewhere in 2012, and the feature For Whom He Tolls where NBF teamed up with the FU MAN KRU producers. For Whom He Tolls is now stepping into the festival circuit for release later this year.  NBF  and FU MAN KRU are currently creating a thriller/horror film for the Internet that is very hush-hush, slated to be shot soon in 2011.

NBF produced a short film in the end 2010 called Closing Doors that was written by William Wanek and directed by Lije Sarki.  It is currently in the festival circuit with screenings in Tampa (GIFF) and Detroit (DIFF).  Check the site for more up-to-date info.

NBF is currently producing a Pilot called Underbelly which Ryan Philander wrote and is directing and Lije is acting in.  Shooting will run though April.

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