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Time to break away...

Yo yo yo yo!

I have been gone for almost three weeks.  I was on track to writing at least once or twice a week, but I tell you, life gets ahold of you sometimes.

I have been on a few adventures, that’s for sure.  Every single one of them deserves their own separate blog.

I went to the Red Wings vs Kings game this last weekend with my pal, Sonia Rockwell.  “Big Ups” to my man Will Wright for hooking-it-up with the tickets!

Detroit lost but the poster was a hit.  Go Wings

I spent my Turkey Day  in Maui!  I have a buddy by the name of Keith Zielinski who has a house out there.  he is a real Estate guru.  if you ever need a house there look him up.  Pacific Shore Realty.  He puts me up, cooks me dinner, and takes care of me like a five-star hotel.  My wife outside of America.  I like to think Maui counts as leaving the country.  It is far and definitely doesn’t feel like I am in the USA.  I got SCUBA certified there and swam with some more sharks!  I got a nice video to edit so that will go up this week or next, hopefully.

"Big Beach" in Maui

Me and Lenny Schmidt shot some more little web gems for Baby Blues BBQ.  Here is the latest.  I truly believe this one to be funny.  You can find them all at or the Facebook page.

Lately, I have been editing Closing Doors. Yup, that’s right, I edited the film.  I was not an editor before this.  I had very basic skills on Final Cut Pro.  But, like I said in the last post, I took a tutorial on AVID and BAM!  I was not an editor before but I am now.  Thankfully, I am a quick learner.  Minus a couple of hold-ups, actually a giant f%&*ng hold-up (the 30-day trial for AVID stopped working on day 14), I am almost done with the edit.  “Thank you” people at AVID for saving me.  I will save the story for the “trials and tribulations” section of making a movie when I write my biography or accept my Oscar.  The last piece is the Score.  I am so grateful to have Lol Tolhurst from The CURE composing it!  Now that is cool.

OK, so now what?  I am almost finished with Closing Doors.  We are going to do a festival run.  I hope.  I think it’s pretty dang good.  It should do well.  So, minus submissions and some marketing, that project is in a holding pattern.  We still need help financially help to finish the project so if you want a perk, feel good about helping out, and be a part of a dope-ass film then check this out right HERE.

I am working on a TV Pilot with writer/director Ryan Philander and my producing partner Lauren Ziemski called Underbelly.  We have some super talented and “working” actors attached.  I will announce the names when the time is right.  We are still casting a couple of the roles.  Patience people.  We start shooting after the new year begins.  Not only producing it, but I will also be playing the role of Eric, an out-of-work actor in rehab, struggling with life and a cheating ex-girlfriend who we find out is pregnant with one of his best friends.  That is just episode 1.  Can’t wait to put the acting hat on again for something substantial.

Now for the big announcement!!  The big punch!  The motha f%&*in snake on a plane!  I am going to direct the teaser (Episode 1) of a 10 episode web project me and my partners in Texas are creating.  Yup, I am working with the Fu Man Kru once again and Jeff Grettler is playing “point”.  It is a high intensity thriller/horror in the realm of  Traffic meets Lost in a little dirty Border Town.  It will represent a feature film in length and could play out as that, but instead will play in 10 separate episodes in the Internet.  That’s about as much info as I can give at this point.  We have a little handshake deal with a company that wishes to stay anonymous for the time being.

How did I get to here?  Today?  Now?

I have done some projects.  I directed a feature called Alphonso Bow.  I produced a couple features with my partners in Texas, For Whom He Tolls and Stabbin’ Kabin.  I just directed the short film, Closing Doors.  They are all solid projects.  I am especially proud of each and every one of them.  I am excited about the new one, Underbelly.  It has a lot of potential.

I am having a wonderful time creating and I love my job.  I wear a lot of hats.  I want to get rid of some hats.  I want to Direct and I want to get paid for it.  I have talent.  I need to get noticed.  I have decided I have a Mentor.  He doesn’t know it.  Maybe he does.  It doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t.

I went to my mentor on Monday and said “Yo, ____ , what the hell do I have to do to get to do what you do?  This is what I have done…How do I make the leap?  How do I get to the next level?  What the F%k do I do next?”  He replied to me, “Do the ‘Narc‘ version of your movie.  Do something that will knock people’s socks off.  You either got to do something really funny or really action packed or really f%&*in’ relevant.”  That’s when it hit me.  Why produce just a script for the web series?  Why not shoot the opening episode?  Why not you, Lije Sarki, direct the opening episode and show what you got?  Why not knock the doors off it?  Why not blow people away?  Then we have a teaser to pitch with the project (the already great idea).

So there you have it.  The next big thing for me is this teaser. This BIG teaser.  Lots of work ahead.  Shooting in the Winter/Spring 2011.

Muchas Gracias Mentor.

Lije and a bucket of Nuts…

STARS are born…Lije and Lenny gettin’ DIRTY

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suck it Lenny!

The football season is half over.  That sucks.  I guess I should say we have half left!  Keep it positive!  I hate to bring it up.  No one wants to think about football being half over.  Baseball is over.  That’s not good.  Soon all we will have is the NBA.  NBA is only good in the 4th quarter or in June.  Maybe I am bitter because the Pistons are terrible.  Although they did win yesterday against the Bobcats.  We have NHL too.  I love NHL.  I wish I had more time to watch it.  And we have college basketball soon.  OK, I guess we have plenty of sports.  We are all good.  Nevermind the “freak out” session.

The thing that is most significant about the football season being half over is Lije and Lenny have officially released eight webisodes!!!  That’s right!  Football Sundays at Baby Blues BBQ is on episode 8!  If you have not seen any of them, please check yourself.  Join the Facebook group and follow the BBQ…

To help everyone out and get caught up I am going to post all the videos here today.  They are each about a minute long.  Eight minutes of your life should get you a few laughs.  Please comment and let us know what you like or don’t.  Actually don’t tell us what you dislike.  You can find all the videos on Lenny’s youtube page as well as Nut Bucket’s youtube page.

We have a really good time shooting these things.  Lenny is a real funny dude.  Lucky for me, I just have to work off of him.  Lenny does stand up and you should follow his Facebook page too so maybe one day you can check out one of his shows.

And for the final plug, we shoot these down at Baby Blues BBQ.  If you love BBQ or sports or both, or just getting drunk at a cool bar, then get your ass down to West Hollywood and hang out with us.  There are a bunch of TV’s and we have all the packages and all the channels.  There is a whole crew there.  Sean, Noah, Lisa, Beau, Maggie, Jana, Marie, Kate, Rick, Danny, Pakala, Amanda, Julianne, and yours truly.  If I missed someone, please kick me in the shin next time I see you.  Oh, and a shout out to Nut Bucket Films for keeping it real.  Nut Bucket has a new movie coming out soon called Closing Doors.  Follow us on Facebook!

So here they are…from the beginning.

Episode 1 “the original”

Episode 2 “Part Dos”

Episode 3 “XXX Sauce”

Episode 4 “Hot Maggie”

Episode 5 “The Rash”

Episode 6 “Pie?”

Episode 7 “Phone Number?”

Episode 8 “Bears First”

Hope you enjoy,