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Bees, Snakes, Cougars, Liz, and man-made Lake Perris

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see me in the middle?

see Liz in her yoga pose?

at the top, Terri Peak, Lake Perris...nuf said

So my super awesome roommate of the past year moved out last week. She really was one of the best. I will miss you, Eliana, and have a blast in NYC. But before she departed we were to visit her at her family’s restaurant in Riverside. She was there for a week and I had one free day, Tuesday. I need a wingman or wingwoman. A bribe? How about I find a great hike? “Liz, you wanna go to Riverside on this cool hike and eat at my old roomie’s restaurant? Oh and can you drive? My car gets three miles to the gallon. Sweet! OK, can you pick me up? Awesome. See you at 8:30am.” That was my end of the convo.

Turns out I spent the rest of the day searching for anything relatively close to the restaurant that might not suck to hike. Riverside? There is not a lot out there as far as hiking goes. At least not that close to where we were to eat. After hours of searching while slinging drinks I found “Lake Perris”. Turns out Liz had wanted to go to Lake Perris forever. Why? Who the f#$% knows? How did she even know it existed? Point is, she was an easy sell.

We were off. traffic wasn’t too bad. Leaving L.A. in the morning and returning in afternoon is against the normal flow so we were good. We got to the hike following some wonderful instructions from this hiker HERE. Great list of hikes in the L.A. area, I think. I only used it once.

The hike to the peak and back was only three miles. you could take the longer route and do the full up-and-down and then back again, but we were on a schedule. Plus we wanted to swim in Lake Perris! Thing is, everyone we asked about swimming said, “Ummmmmm, weeeeeeeelllllll, yeah, I guess, you could swim, Hey Jane, people swim down there?”

We cruised up that mountain. It was a sweet mountain too. Big ass boulders everywhere. One of the coolest hikes I have been on just because the terrain was so different than usual West L.A. hikes. It was like I was a Parkour guy jumping from boulder to boulder. Plus, I scaled this huge rock wall which ended up making almost shit myself. Thank god the rocks were like skateboard griptape. Check the photos. I am the tiny guy in the middle! Basically all there is to say is the hike was short and a bit vertical, which got the sweat flowing. Would have been hot as shit a month from now. And there are so many sweet-ass boulders to take creative pictures on that make it look like you were in the middle of somewhere you had never been…

Here is a little 360 degree view of the Terri Peak. We met these three country boys at the top. One had a big knife attached to his leg. Apparently they didn’t know there was a trail, and hiked straight up the mountain. Liz wanted to ask them to take a picture. I said maybe not.

After our special moments in the camera we jetted back down to the lake. There was not a soul in this whole park, by the way. Except three fisherman next to the watering hole called, Lake Perris.

The lake was being “blue-rocked” til noon so no one was allowed in it until afternoon. Well, it was 12:30 and we were ready for a swim. HA! What is “blue-rocked”? I am not going to google that. Too scared.

It was actually quite warm. And we were so dang itchy from the hike that is was unbelievably refreshing. They had showers to wash off the grime that my old roommate later told me about. I guess growing up, NO ONE SWAM IN THAT LAKE. She was like, “Eww, gross, it’s so dirty, and polluted.” Great! Thanks park rangers for telling us it’s ok. Well, it is Thursday and I have no unusual rashes. Maybe an itch or two, but I am sure it will pass. We did almost die by a swarm of killer bees though. Gladly Liz was trained to drop to the sand when a swarm comes through. I stood there laughing.

Liz, a little dirty from dropping to the sand for BEES

Ok, I am glad this shit happened when we left each and every section of the excursion. First an information stand telling us about the “mountain lions” that are on the hike and what to do if attacked! WTF?! We saw that at the entrance to the hike on our way OUT of the hike. And let’s not forget the NASCAR driving skills from Liz as she dodged hitting a giant rattlesnake on the road out of Lake Perris.

Mountain Lions? Seriously...

We left Lake Perris having a good ol’ time. We headed to Papi’s Tacos. Eliana’s mother is so sweet! Oh my goodness. She made us the best lunch. I forgot the name of what I had. It was like a giant soft tostada with an almost fried bun-type bottom and carne asada, beans, and guacamole all over it. Was so good. Liz got a fish taco that was awesome. We ate something similar to that of an elephant ear from a fair for an appetizer. We sat and talked to Eliana, my ex-roomie for a while as well. She is in law school so this was the most we had chatted in six months. Crazy. Love you Eliana, and have fun in NYC!

Check out the pics. I guess I am turning into an adventure dude. Hikes every week, Burgers, Catalina, oh and film festivals! I knew I was being productive. It’s time to make another movie.

Thanks for reading folks!

Lije and NBF!











Miss Willie Brown dominates

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My grateful ass got to go see a show I will never forget. Miss Willie Brown at the Nokia Theatre last night in downtown Los Angeles.

The band is made up of two girl singers and a dope band. The singers are Kasey Buckley and Amanda Watkins.

I was privileged to live with Kasey for a few years of my life. Not too long ago I remember her and Amanda writing music and singing on the couch. The very spot I type this from right now. This couldn’t have been more than two years ago. It’s crazy. Dreams do come true. First Justin Bieber and now MWB.

Chad “big buddy” Sullivan met me down at Baby Blues BBQ at about 4pm yesterday and we did a little pre-party action waiting for the rest of the crew to get down there. We all were headed to “rosa something or other” for dinner. I am a bad blogger not remembering the shout out but the food was insanely good. Amazing. There I go using that effing word again. Two times in a row. They make the guacamole at your table. Danny doesn’t like cilantro so we had to get two dishes. He says it tastes like soap. I still taste soap. Thanks for screwing that up forever for me. But thanks for introducing the pomegranate margarita.

We had a nice crew for dinner. Eddie Bitton picked up the tab. Big “thanks” to him. He is a heck of a guy. One of the key pieces of Baby Blues BBQ. The designer. His family is adorable too.

Chad and I ran around the dang theatre forever trying to get our tickets and get in the right room and all that jazz. We basically had VIP tickets and started the show from the top of the stage. We needed to get down to the crowd so we got lost again and finally made our way to the general admission. This shit rocked. The show was insane. I couldn’t believe watching the girls and band perform in front of 1000’s of people. I was in awe. They were so good too and I was so proud. Not that it even matters. I was just in tears of joy. I can’t even remember when I cried but I feel like Chad might have as well. He would never admit it though. Texas dude.

I am going to leave you with some photos and a link. Check them out. Miss Willie Brown. They rock. And they put on a hell of a show.

I love you girls.

Lije and a bucket of Nuts.





L.A. shows up! not true what they say…rain or shine

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the crowd...watching CLOSING DOORS...look at the lemons!

This city actually shows up!  I swear it’s hard to get a crowd out to see anything around here and sometimes it feels like support is lacking, but I want to say those thoughts I have at times are so f#$%ing wrong!  I am more than grateful and so dang impressed by the loyalty of my friends and their friends and just regular friggin’ people.

the crowd at Baby Blues BBQ

I showed my short film, Closing Doors, last night at Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood.  I threw a little cast and crew party and invited some others to privately view the short.  I was treating it as the last little fundraiser to get us through the festival circuit too.  A 100 people must have shown up!!!  Insane.  Grateful.  Impressed.

the screen!

I actually bartended through the party.  It’s not like I could find someone else to work and donate their time to give the money made to the film.  Actually I am wrong.  Celso stepped up and helped me sling some drinks!  Shout out to you, my friend.

waiting to begin...

I am going to make this short and sweet.  Come see the film if it comes close to you.  I will leave you all with pleads for donations for now and strictly give you the successes of the project.  Success #2 came last night to a huge crowd..  I am going to try to remember everyone who came and tag them in this post.  If I miss you I am sorry and please tell me!  The fundraiser portion raised over $1000.  Woooohooooo!!  Thanks everyone!

chad, hot liz, and her friend

We are off to Tampa in two days to show the film at a really great film festival called The Gasparilla Film Fest (GIFF).  I will also be hitting some Detroit Tiger spring training baseball games.  Don’t worry, the film fund is not paying for the trip.  Hehe.

the bar...pre-movie

As for the film itself, this little story written by William Wanek has gotten such an awesome response.  People have cried.  Lots have laughed.  Everyone has been full of compliments.  I could not have done this without a great little story.  I owe that to you, Bill.  Love you brother.  So many people relate to this story and the actors did a hell of a job bringing it to life.  And to my cast and crew, you all deserve a HUGE thanks for making this little film that we shot in ten hours one day really come to life!

more screen...

It is pretty F#$%ING good!  I love you all.  Peep the photos from last night and be very jealous that you didn’t attend.  And once again, “thank you all who came to the screening last night and to everyone who made the night so memorable!”  I will not forget it.  I woke up so damn happy this morning.  So relived that I did a good job.  Thanks.  We did a good job.


Lije and the NUT BUCKET TEAM

Beautiful GIRLS make you run faster…

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Tawny, Andrea, Lije, and race

Plus I love the film, Beautiful Girls, so I had to say that.  One of my favorites.

I got up this morning at 6am.  Picked up Beau, a ‘duder’ I work with, got a coffee, went to the bathroom about four times, and then we were off to the races.  Oh yeah, I made a little beef brisket omelet before I snagged Beau so I could power up for the 10K race.

That’s where we headed.  Down to Redondo Beach for the Superbowl 10K.  I didn’t even know about until last week when one of the girls from work, Tawny, told me all the girls from work were doing it.  I was sold.  So was Beau, obviously.

We got down there about 7AM and picked up our free t-shirts that we will never wear and met up with everyone.  Ten minutes before the race starts I decide to run back to my car to drop off all my shit.  It was freezing in the morning but ended up warming up right before the race.  And then I f#$%ing had to go to the bathroom again!  I was going a million miles per hour before the dang race even started.

The Baby Blue BBQ crew before the race

I was amped up!  Eminem in the headphones.  5000 people.  And they’re off!

The race was a little uphill at the beginning.  I was cruising.  I left the girls and Beau at the start.  I was averaging around 7:30/mile for the first couple miles.  I was passing people and then they would pass me back.  It is crazy running with so many people.  the energy just drives you.  Awesome.  So I hit the halfway mark and was feeling good.  When you run back it looped around so I could see all the people behind me now.  I high-fived Beau and got a sudden surge of energy.

I was cruising.  Got my miles down to around 7:00/mile min.  For some reason there was no five-mile marker.  I thought the fourth mile was just super long.  I passed a guy and said, “Where the hell are we?”  He said we just passed 9K.  I was like, “Heck yes!”  I was farther than I thought.

I was sprinting.  I must have done that last mile in 6 minutes.  Crazy.  I am going to look up my time right now.  Still haven’t looked.  I have probably been blowing smoke this whole BLOG.  Let’s see.  The results are in and the winner is…Lije @ 45:07.  34th place out of 284 in my men’s division.  Not bad.  7:24min/mile.  Saweeeeet!!!!

Well!  I can tell you that I beat this girl dressed up as Wonderwoman.  She was my mark.  When I hit that last Kilometer all I wanted to do was pass her.  She passed me a while back and all I wanted to do was pass her.  I did.  It was an amazing finish.

we finished!!!

We all met up and took some pics and talked about our experiences.  Beau was super sweaty.  The girls looked hot.  Liz, Andrea, Tawny, and another one I didn’t know.  Some dudes too.  All repping Baby Blues BBQ!  The mecca for everything cool in L.A.

Go Packers!

Have a great Superbowl…I will post my time when it’s up…not that you all care.

Oh, and Rick McCarthy, Justin Bieber, and Lindsey Lohan…I thought about all of you while I was running.


Vertigo, Magic Beans, and the POW POW

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Sierra Mountains at Mammoth Lakes

Talk about an epic day!  I was supposed to go up to Mammoth Mountain tomorrow but due to the twenty-plus feet of snow they got last week, I decided to make the trek a day early.  I left this morning.

I woke up at 3am to take a piss at my home in LA and decided I mine as well just leave for the mountains.  I had my alarm set for 4am.  Let me tell you I didn’t get to go to bed until midnight either.  After a week of work and family and holiday celebrating I was exhausted.  That didn’t matter though.

I loaded up the car with everything I would need until New Years Day, and then some.  I am a planner.  I already had purchased two iced coffees on Sunday morning and had them in the refrigerator waiting for me for the drive.  I packed on Sunday.  I was ready.  I just wasn’t sure if the sleep would be a factor.  I made this trip many times last year.  It was easy.  And peaceful.  And relaxing.

sunrise on Highway 14

The trip from LA to Mammoth is about five hours.  I sucked down one iced coffee the first thirty minutes and not long after I sucked down the other one.  Two hours into the trip and I already drank the equivalent of six cups of coffee.  That shit wasn’t even phasing me so I stopped at about 5:30am and got a hot coffee at the usual gas station of Highway 14 where you have to turn.  This brand of coffee was labeled “extreme” for extra caffeine.  Like I needed it.

The sun was starting to come up.  I thought that would help me but it didn’t.  I was fading fast.  Finally I gave in and pulled over for a ten-minute power nap.  I pulled up next to a semi and let the car run.  I think I worried about carbon monoxide poisoning and it didn’t help me sleep.

That was it.  That was all I needed.  A seven-minute nap.  After that I felt like a million bucks.  I was cruising.  Me and the road.  I called my best pal Justin in Detroit and chit chatted with him for a bit.  That was cool.  We were planning our trip to Lakeland this spring to see the Detroit Tigers during spring training.  More on that later.

The next thing you know I feel like I am on crack.  I am still tired but I feel like I am strung out on drugs.  But like the day after you do the drugs.

Whatever.  I made the most of it.  I usually enjoy the crap out of that ride but this time I am not going to lie, it was a little tough.

I got into Mammoth Lakes around 10am and everything started to fall into place.  I called our condo and they let me check in early.  The only problem was when I stopped to talk to the property manager I couldn’t communicate because I was so edgy from the coffee.  I really felt like I was on crack.  I had to tell her I was not on drugs and that I am fueled with coffee and that I was sorry and that she had nothing to worry about and her condo would be fine.  Ha!

I dropped off all the stuff at the condo, ate, stopped at Wave Rave to get some new lenses for my goggles so I could see, and WHAM BAM DAMN!  It starts to snow.

was freaking snowing I tell you

Timing couldn’t have been better.  My buddy Chris and his girl met me at Canyon lodge around 11am and we were riding in minutes.  And it was snowing.  A lot.  Snowing so much that it was fairly hard to see.  So much that I felt like I was on a boat or a cloud.  So much I wanted to barf my first, second, and third run.  Maybe it was the coffee or the lack of sleep and food.  Actually, I think it was the Vertigo caused by lack of vision and stability caused by the weather and zero visibility.

Vertigo was kicking in...I was losing it

But we were SO smart that we went to a great little part of the mountain off Broadway and Chair 1 and I got some vision back and found more fresh powder.  We rode the shit out of that area until we could do no more.

Me, Chris, and Ang...ridin'



Me and Foxy

I literally just stepped off the mountain and hour ago.  I rode my snowboard right up to the condo.  The road had snow on it so I was able to take the run all the way to the bottom.  It is dumping snow as I write this.  I am so glad I came up a day early.  I needed some alone time too.  I am going to sit here and watch the Vikings/Eagles game and hope to God that Percy Harvin and Jeremy Maclin do not accumulate 38 points between each other so I can win the Superbowl of my Fantasy Football League.  And then I am going to go to bed.


I am running on chocolate covered espresso beans that my brother introduced me to.  They sell them at Trader Joe’s.  This is dangerous.  I eat a lot of beans.  Those kinds of beans.

Is it the BEANS?

This week is going to rule.  My buddy Tanner gets here tomorrow, Liz and her friend on Friday, a ton of San Diego buddies, and my pals Devoy and Theron are DJ’ing at the NYE party at the Snow Creek Athletic Club Friday.  Oh and Leslie flies in Thursday.

I will keep you all posted.  I hope you all try to enjoy your holiday time as much as me.  You deserve it.  Everyone does.  I know I do.

Much love,

Lije and NBF