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So a guy walks into a bar

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And asks me to be part of a collective called Friendly Films.

Well, it actually went down like this…a guy walks into a bar, my workplace, during my private screening of Closing Doors. This was the last attempt to raise some dough for our festival run. If you have been following the film you’ll know we are on our fifth festival in as many months. There is an archive in the blog last month that should help explain.

But this dude has long hair and a cap on and says he wants to talk to me about an idea. I was busy talking to the 100+ guests that showed up so I gave him my number and said call me tomorrow.

Guess what? He called and we talked. For about an hour. I was driving so it really didn’t matter. He had a lot to say about wanting to get some great people together and how he has been gripping in the industry for twenty years and yada yada yada. I have been the beneficiary of a lot of bullshit throughout my time in Los Angeles so I take this type on convo with a grain of salt. Until I see action.

Let me say how much he complimented my directing of the film and thought I had some talent to offer his “idea”. Thanks Kosta.

Well, Kosta calls me a month or two back and asks me if I would be interested in directing a music video of a new and up and coming artist, Duane Cali. I said, “sure…but let me ask you some questions.”. So I grinded for a while covering my bases. I have done some stuff in my career so far that has had some nightmare moments. Stuff that has made me say, “I will never f$&@ing do that again!”. I feel I have earned the right, ya dig? He had great answers.

He went on to assure me to trust him. So I have. I have had a few convos with the guys involved, artist and producer, and things seem to be on track. I saw a clip of the dancers today and was impressed. I guess a choreographer who works with Lil’ Wayne often is helping. I hot a buddy who I recently worked with who is going to run camera as well as Kosta’s DP.

I am fully on board and we are set for for a shoot next week. I get to direct and that’s it. I don’t have to produce and and wear 100 hats. I just get to prepare and show up and do what I think I know how to do. I am definitely getting better at it. Smile.

I feel grateful today. Let’s see how next week goes.

Nut Bucket Films,



hit the recharge button, I did

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you need to. Every so often you have got to check-out. I do. I was getting close to a melting point. Consistently worked my ass off. I know, I know, ya gotta work hard to get results. Shit, I have been doing that for years. I am one of the hardest working people I know, but I needed a vacation.

“There is a visual representation of my trip at the end of the Blog, mostly in the same order”

A vacation is not three or four days out-of-town, hiding, trying to figure out a way to not let anyone know you are gone. I think that ends up being more stressful than staying in town and hiding. I mean a real vacation. I think it has to at least be a week long. You have to have the ability to turn off your phone and not worry if someone can’t get ahold of you. You have to let the emails pile up. You have to have time to let go of every responsibility that you have, besides staying alive. Smile, I like that one. And, you have to surround yourself with shit you enjoy doing and people you haven’t seen in a while. Puts a fresh perspective on life.

It’s also fun to see some other people’s misery. Let’s you know it’s not all “kites and sausages” out there, as my brother would say. Even better if when seeing you helps make the misery go away, then you matter a bit.

I am one day back from my vacation. My personal check-out. I have a new spin on life. I am finding a way to live that is more productive but slowing life down at the same time. No more multi-tasking. I am spending serious time periods in the most productive fashion while I get to enjoy the shit out of the rest of them. I am not gonna lie, I am getting all this from a book my buddy told me to read. It’s called, The Four Hour Work Week.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. I know the productive way to get there. I know this because I rode my bike to get coffee today and I was thinking, “Should I paddle-board today? Or maybe go for a hike? Definitely a run, then a beach work-out. Wait, I should Blog this morning. Yes, that’s what I am doing.” Any other old day I would have headed straight home from coffee and started returning emails and going down my To-Do list. Instead, I have scheduled times for these things. Man, it is refreshing.

You know what is cool? I got online yesterday and checked out the link to buy the movie I directed, Alphonso Bow, it came out in June to the public, and there were only two copies left on That is amaze-balls news a month later, it came out June 21st. Oh, and Closing Doors got into another festival. The fifth one in as many months. All this while I was on vacation. I wasn’t sitting here worried about what I can do to push the movie or tell more people about it. Granted, it still needs to be done, but it is OK to let it go for a minute, or ten days.

I went back to Michigan, where most of my roots are. My best friend from college lives there. Both sides of my family were there. I had to make a bit of a triangle to see them all but it worked out perfectly.

I started out in Traverse City with the tail end of the Cherry Festival which included my traditional 15K race and some awesome fireworks over the bay, saw my sister have a baby, congrats Chelsea, and saw my other sister and brother and their babies. Shout out to Teddy, Mary, and Dani for hosting the traditional party and BBQ on the lake. That taco salad should be illegal. Eric, thanks for coming to meet up and chit-chat about the next movie. Glad we are still friends. Except I can’t barely remember that night! A boot of beer? JC. Kurtz, Carter, and anyone else I forgot or don’t remember seeing, it was a beautiful weekend. Thanks Mom and Terri for letting us crash. We will bring and adult to watch over us next time. Abe, happy birthday.

After TC I cruised to my Dad’s cabin on Lake Huron, the other side of the state. Great grilling, visiting with an uncle I hadn’t seen in twenty years, and seeing my grandparents for the first time in a couple of years. Thank for the waffles, Grandma.

I spent the last five days down in Detroit, just chillin’. Hanging with my pal’s baby girl, O. I think she liked me. I spent a couple of days running the tire off around my waist that I kindly received from drinking and eating for ten days straight. It is still there but shall be gone in a few. Don’t tell my print agent! I spent hours and days riding a beach cruiser around Hines Park listening to my book that I mentioned at the beginning of this. A beach cruiser in Detroit. That’s funny to say. Thinking how excited I am to put that book into action. And, damn it feels good.

Of course I went from a Tiger baseball game at Comerica park right to the airport. That’s the way to leave town and head back to reality. Thanks J and M for the hospitality and great home cooking. Stone and Smith, was a f#$%ing blast hanging out. And Smitty, the tickets rocked. O, you are a beautiful little girl and so damn happy.

Mel showed me a couple of videos that I think are appropriate for the trip. Hilarious is one, the other, my buddy and I would do the same as it. You decide which is which.

Wanna get some pizza? Tally ho!


Tosh.O does a pretty good interpretation of it also. Click below–and-tearin-













































Farmington Founders Festival

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This picture reminds me of the carnival when I was little. Rides that go in circles and me don’t go together. I filled a cardboard box with vomit. That apple is spinning. Yuck!




wait, it’s the 4th of July? when? Monday?

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Miss you guys, Nick and Danny come back!

How far back can you remember your 4th of July’s?  I was trying this morning and I could only get to last year.  Everyone keeps asking me, “What’s going on this weekend?  What are you doing?  Where are the parties at?”  I guess it doesn’t matter cuz I can’t f#$%ing remember what I did the last twenty-some-odd years.  I do know last year I was in Michigan with my family for the 4th and for the Traverse City Cherry Festival.  That was a friggin’ blast.  I am actually headed there next week.

But let’s talk about this weekend.  It’s nice that the 4th falls on a Monday.  That means a three-day weekend for most.  Not me.  I will be slingin’ BBQ and drinks through Sunday but then I can festive too.  What do I do?  I live in Venice so it will be a madhouse here all dang weekend.  I am not a fan of the shit show that goes on so I try to hide from it.  I guess that’s why I work all weekend.  Then I don’t have to make up a lame excuse for not partaking.  Plus, if I can’t remember what I did for the last ten of these holidays then it doesn’t really matter what I do cuz I am not missing out on anything.  I can tell you that if I don’t remember what I did, I had a blast.  Some of the best times I have ever had I can’t f#$%ing rememebr.  Sad, huh?  It’s pretty funny actually.

I am, however, headed to Angel Stadium on the actual 4th to see the Tigers play the Angels.  Funny I was watching the game yesterday and was listening to the announcers, Rod Allen and Mario Impemba, and heard them talking about BBQ and how you must eat BBQ on the 4th.  They were doubting that California had any good BBQ.  Now, I follow Rod Allen on Twitter, @rodallen12.  He’s a funny man and I love listening to the games with those guys announcing.  I decided to offer to bring him down some BBQ for the 4th in a little tweet I sent him during the game.  He friggin’ answered me!  It was so cool.  He actually replied to me during the game.  That’s a cool dude.

So, my 4th of July will full of baseball, BBQ, Rod, my little family, and a fireworks show that should be out of this world since we will be about a mile from Disneyland.  I will be remembering this 4th for sure.


As for this weekend, who knows?  I might get into a little trouble on Sunday night after all the riffraff (disreputable persons) leave my neighborhood or the neighborhood that allows me to live in it.  Before that, I will be hanging down at Baby Blues BBQ with all my regulars and visitors for the weekend, watching baseball and getting people krunk and full.  It’s not a bad gig.  I actually enjoy the heck out of it.  See, I get to have fun, socialize, watch sports, and work at the same time.  Pretty much like going out at a bar except I am already at the bar or being at my crib with a bunch of friends over.  Double Whammy!
Football Sundays please come back and don’t be late.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I wish you the best.  A safe and happy 4th of July.

Cheers to America,


Come to Baby Blues BBQ this weekend!

the sun will set, eventually

more f$&@ing quotes

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I usually hate when people always post quotes. Everyday. It gets so annoying. Maybe it is me being jealous cuz I didn’t find them. Who knows, but I have another one a good pal of mine threw my way.

‎”You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

I don’t know who wrote it but credit to the one who did.

My gut has gotten me pretty far in my short life. It has also gotten me in some trouble, and fatter at times. I love to eat and drink. All that trouble though has just turned into a bunch of life lessons and stories that I am now using to put down on paper. I guess it all happens for a reason, right?

Destiny. It’s such a fairy tale word. It even sounds fake when you say it out loud. I got to believe it though. I have never been happier in my life where I am right now. Shit is good. Home is good. Real good. Career has moved to the next level. It’s funny, all that blood, sweat, and REAL tears this year so far that has caused me to take a month and a half hiatus from thinking creatively has actually paid off. Again.

I am going to be producing a film a friend of mine is directing starting at the end of next month. Super f$&@ing excited about it. I am heading home to Michigan to take the last step in recharging the batteries so I can get back to writing my own feature film, my baby. There is also a chance I might be directing a music video at the end of July. Random. Never would have thought that but shit, people are approaching me with good projects. I must be doing something right.

So I am using the dots from the past to tell some stories, creating some successes, and trusting that I am doing something right. Where it’s taking me feels very right.

The sun shines today and the water is calm. Gonna take out the paddleboard and catch some waves. I have a break from slinging drinks and am still on hiatus. I could call it a summer vacation. I will.  Happy days.

This is not meant for advice. I am the last person who should ever give life advice. But I can say that don’t sit around doing shit that doesn’t make you happy. All the other stuff will work its way out.



a day to give back

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told you three peeps had shirts off


they gave us the shaded seats


nice guns Beau


Dan Ryan, creeps into every photo

It’s probably not what most are thinking. Not for charity or for a special cause, just being grateful, ya dig?

I have been saying that a lot lately. Ya dig? “Ya dig?” I don’t know why. And “Good good.” Someone asks me how I am and I say, “Good good.”

Here is the order to the recent giving back. The Los Angeles Dodgers, despite their most recent financial troubles, decided to come give Baby Blues BBQ two stacks of tickets to a couple of recent day games. They were showing a ton of gratitude for their many fine dinners of tasty ribs and pitchers of Nana’s Sweet Tea. These were not small stacks either. Fifty tickets each!

Now it was Baby Blues turn to give back. Who do they give back to? ME! I am sure it had a lot to do with my love for the Detroit Tigers, seeing how the game was against them, and the fact that I had the ability to get fifty people to attend. I love Baby Blues, man. Last week I spent a couple of hours sending out some invites to all the regulars that come into the restaurant and some of my close friends and colleagues, all deserving of a special “thank you” for just being the shizzle. In a matter of three hours we had the forty-plus tickets spoken for. Thankfully, at least six or so were Tiger fans.  And three had their shirts off, so they gave back also.

I just didn’t want to get my ass kicked at the stadium. That’s my main reason for inviting everyone, really. Dodger fans can be vicious. What better protection than forty friends? Kidding.

No, the main reason for inviting everyone was to show some gratitude for new relationships, old relationships, and BBQ.

I have said it before, Baby Blues is like the Mecca for all SUCCESS for me in the last couple of years. I probably met 90% of the people from my last project at that place.  So, thanks again Baby Blues BBQ.  “Like” it on Facebook.

The game was a blast. A bunch of actors, producers, directors, photographers, painters, agents, kids, fans, and dodger dogs. My friend told me your body can only digest two dodger dogs a year. I had eight between the two games I went to while the Tigers were in town. I have recently gained five random lbs. and can’t figure out why they won’t go away. It must be all the hot dogs inside me. Sick. Suck it, Scotty.

Go support the Dodgers, go eat some BBQ, watch some Nut Bucket Films stuff, and go be successful. That’s my bright little point for the day. Here are a bunch of pics of the day.



Papa Grande closing it out, Tigers win.




the crew, Lije, Jai, Tyler, Matt, Joy, and Stacia

the guy who shot Donnie Darko

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says it all


It has been a couple of weeks since Closing Doors premiered here in L.A. at Dances With Films (DWF). I was going through my notes on my phone today and totally forgot about the breakfast that Canon hosted followed by some knowledge dropped by one of the industry’s best cinematographers, Steven Poster.  He also shot Rocky V (my favorite one) and The Box.

Take it for what it is worth. But I think I wrote these down because they are either super true and valid or they are a bit inspiring.

“I did not know that a short film could have such a dramatic impact in that short amount of time.” – true dat.

“It allows for new talent to come out and show their stuff.” – referring to all the new inexpensive technology that people can use to make a movie. One would think that it would just make for a bunch of shitty films all over the place but it has done the opposite. Technology has allowed for filmmakers who would have in the past not been able to afford to shoot a film, to get to really show their stuff. Very cool.

“Every element of every image informs the audience.” – I find myself analyzing shit I never would even considered three years ago. Although it is hard, I will allow myself to set myself free from critique to actually enjoy Transformers!

“One inch below and one inch above the eye line tells two different stories.”

“Every day you get to put your feet on a set with actors and a story and a camera and get to tell a story is a GIFT. Not everyone gets to do that. It’s a gift.” – This was the highlight of the morning. I realize how lucky I have been to have the support enough to make a feature film. Thanks, C. Devin McKinney and M Sarki. I have gone on to produce a couple more features and direct another little diddy, Closing Doors, that just played DWF. I am a lucky SOB. Not everyone gets to do this. I can’t wait for the next one. This is what I needed. This first half-year of the hustle followed by some SUCCESS. To get to show the work to everyone that chooses to see it. To hear the compliments and assurance that I am getting better at movie-making. I am getting there. Lots of work to do and always improvement to be made.

Here are some photos from the DWF premiere. I never got to share them. Hope you enjoy. We were privileged with another almost sold-out theatre and in company of so many talented filmmakers. There is one short I really didn’t like but the funny thing is, my buddy thought it was the best one. Those are movies for ya.

Thanks again,



are you single?

Q&A with William Wanek and Lije Sarki

the wait

packed friggin' house!

Amber Lee Abbott, the photographer and friend

my cast and me

Brendan Coughlin, Lije Sari, Dave Rodriguez

thanks Brandon, and Kristen!

Nut Bucket's biggest fans

beautiful Nicole Zeoli

Aaron from the DIFF

Christine, the best...

If I had a blindfold on and asked you to walk across this intersection with me, would you come?

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DVD cover! Starring Jeffrey Pierce, Michael Dempsey, and Kasey Buckley

I am proud to announce that ALPHONSO BOW is officially released today, the 21st of June 2011, via Vanguard Cinema.

It has been a long time coming.  We shot this movie three years ago last month.  I remember because we started on Cinco de Mayo.  Funny, since the movie takes place in a Mexican Restaurant.  Three years is supposed to be the plan to start generating income, for most.  We are a year behind I think but I am happy where we are.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  My father, M Sarki wrote the film and I, Lije,  directed it.

Less than a year after we shot the film, through a grinding effort of editing and more editing and scraping funds, we premiered the film at Dances With Films in Los Angeles (2009).  Coincidentally, last week I was privileged to have a West Coast premiere at the same festival with my most recent film, CLOSING DOORS.  It’s a bit symbolic, in a way.

Vanguard has been great so far.  The artwork has all been redone.  The film will be released in color (We have premiered the film in both color and b&w and had equally outstanding responses, but different) with a bonus b&w version on the DVD.  The film will be available in about 1000 independent video stores nationwide as well as online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Netflix (soon), etc.  Just go to Vanguard‘s website for  more info.  I will soon have all the updated info on where you can also purchase the film direct from us here at Nut Bucket Films.  I ma hoping to have it available to stream online at our own site soon as well.

The film stars Jeffrey Pierce and Michael Dempsey with a hell of a performance from Kasey Buckley.  Jeffrey is set to be part of a new series called “Alcatraz” which FOX will release in September 2011.  Michael has a ton of credits and continues to work his butt off.  His latest film, Almost Kings, premiered at the L.A. film festival and also at Denver International.  Kasey is one half of the alt-country duo called MISS WILLIE BROWN who just played at Bonnaroo and have been touring the country with Dierks Bentley, a huge country star.  The film also features the talented composer and songwriter/singer Jason Sebastian Russo with the help of Alexandra Marvar recreating his own version of “Froggy went a’ courtin'”, an old folk song he made into his own.  He’s also got a second tune which wraps up the film.

This film is not short of talent at all.

Imagine two unique fellows from different backgrounds; one an ex male-exotic dancer trained in the martial arts, who also lays countless brick and loose women; the other an older brick salesman who provides him with jobs and materials, as well as his daily obsessive debate regarding among other things, the existence of life on other planets. Picture the two of them eating lunch together in a family restaurant, speaking entirely too loud on the topics of religion, sex, early childhood behavior, Samuel Beckett, Hitler, and a severely injured dog, and you get the idea that these two characters will surely tease ones palate. Much like the story of the old bull and the young bull, Alphonso Bow will stir up, leaving no one near them unaffected.

ALPHONSO BOW will satisfy us all.  Please enjoy and spread the word.

 Here is the trailer for you liking.
If you would like to support and watch a good film that might actually make you think, check it out.
Lije and Nut Bucket…

writer, M Sarki

director, Lije Sarki

DVD front and back

I survived a Tornado underwater in Mexico this morning

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dreaming, symbolically

…in my dream. It was seriously crazy. I woke up about an hour ago and had to write it down.

I am going to try to go in sequential order but it is a bit messy. And the beginning of the dream I remembered after I remembered the end of the dream.

So it started out in the jungle in Mexico. We were walking around like in the show GAME OF THRONES in the forest. Then these wolves showed up and we had to scale some trees to get away. I don’t remember who I was with. I will reveal that later. Somehow the wolves left and we ended up on this old school bus.

It was like we were on a tour now. But the forest was gone and it was way more desert.  Imagine an old ass bus driving around Mexico. That’s what it was. Full of drunk old dudes. Maybe I wasn’t with any friends anymore. I can’t recall. I remember balancing a table full of glass bottles of water like a tray. A heavy table as a tray. I was drinking them while we toured in a circle on a bumpy road. I drank 41 bottles and someone said 42 was the record. Just before I could finish #42 some drunk old dirty dude grabbed my water off the table and sipped it. I was disqualified.

I got off the bus by a desert-type Marina with a bunch of tiny beat-up docks. That does NOT make sense, I know. Next thing I know I am swimming in the beautiful ocean in little nooks and crannies in between mounds of boulder cliff mountains we couldn’t see over.

Now I realized I was swimming with a few people. We came around one of the mini-islands and I saw a funnel cloud forming. In a matter of seconds it was a full-blown tornado coming at us. I told everyone to go underwater and get down! We did.

As the rocks piled on top of us we covered our heads. There was a girl attached to my leg. A little girl who I think was my niece, Taylor. My brother, Jake, was attached to her. And friggin’ Keith Crutchfield was last in open water. This was over in seconds, but we were under rocks and under water still. We climbed our way out.

It was a blue sky. I was alone again and instantly ended up in a lawyer office. Not a normal lawyer office.  It was very bare but a lot of rooms and areas I couldn’t see.  My partner approached me and told me he had finally finished the contract we were working on. I was like, “GREAT!” Then I sat there. He had five drafts all ready to sign. I said, “I feel like I need to adjust this a bit.” He was pissed. “Oh, what else do you want? What do you want now?” I just said, “I have busted my balls for a long time with dollars only on the back-end. I need something up-front. I am broke and burnt out on the creative end.” He ripped the contracts up in front of my face.

Then, I laughed. Really. Then I said, “You know what, f#$k you! This thing is half mine anyway.” Then I walked away.

The lawyers were in shock. Both teams. They convened. They first said I was crazy. Then they said I was right. Then I woke up.  You do the math…



SUCCESS, a great start to June, premieres and festivals galore

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DANCES WITH FILMS opening night


What’s my theme? What’s my theme? That’s gonna be in my dang head for a month until I figure this shit out! Thanks Justin…

Well the theme for this weekend and the next is SUCCESS. This is what all the hard work is for, people. This is why I bust my balls almost everyday. So I get to share what I did. All that blood, sweat, and tears paid off. Of course it was with the help of a bunch of other people. Just look at the movie poster of CLOSING DOORS and you can see a smidgen of them. You will have to come see the movie to see the rest, in the credits. wink, wink.

We kicked off an awesome weekend last night at the opening night party for DANCES WITH FILMS film festival here in L.A. They threw a nice little get-together at FALCON bar and restaurant in Hollywood. Loads of filmmakers showed up. I met a bunch I didn’t know and surprisingly saw a bunch of people I did. Actually not too surprising, this world is so small just when you think it isn’t. Funny, I met a guy that my girl knew from some project a few years back who has a movie in the festival, and co-stars a girl I studied with, but also knows my roommate in college at Michigan State who is also from my hometown of Traverse City, MI, like really knows him, hangs out with him. He popped off the question, “You are from Traverse City? You know ‘so and so’?” You mean my roommate in college? What the hell? Crazy. That’s just a taste.

Me and that same guy, Matt, shot the shit for a while. Chatting about how great this stuff is. A bunch of passionate filmmakers in a room. A REAL Indie crowd. Everyone supporting everyone. Outside of a lot of normal L.A. hoopla of “gimme this, or what can you do for me?”, yada yada…this is more, “When is your film playing? Where you from? Check this out? This is my story! Dude, that’s crazy! Wait, your company’s name is CAKEBABY? Mine is NUT BUCKET! We gotta make a movie together…ha, ha, ha”.

Just a great feeling. I was supported by my girlfriend, co-producer, and publicist last night. They brought their game too. Adrienne is a superstar. She works for Inside Edition and is helping me with PR. She runs around like crazy and chit-chats with everyone. “Meet this person, meet that one, oh, I am going to talk to him or her”, she is great.

I am grateful, man. I get to premiere my film in a theatre in L.A. in front of almost 300 people. My writer, William Wanek, is flying out here for a festival that truly rocks and supports the shit out of itself and each other. The festival founders have become good friends of mine. I hug Michael and Leslie every time I see them. They are so supportive of Indie film. True Indie film. My feature ALPHONSO BOW premiered here two years ago and is now getting a national release June 21st from Vanguard Cinema. It will be in about a 1000 stores nationwide and online everywhere. The link says Netflix, so keep looking. On a special note about this film. One of the stars, Jeffrey Pierce, has a new show coming out on TV called “Alcatraz”. Check it out. Also another star, Kasey Buckley, is in a newly signed band called MISS WILLIE BROWN and has been touring the country with Dierks Bentley. They should have a record out soon. SUCCESS!

Next weekend we are off to Saugatuck, MI to premiere at WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL. This is a crème de la crème
festival of the Midwest. I like to say it is a SUNDANCE of the midwest. It is a little lake town and the whole city partakes, kind of like Park City does for Sundance. They do a bunch of lake-type fun, outdoor concerts, and crazy parties, lots of parties. We are in unbelievable company there. The quality of films is amazing. I never use that word either. It has been a goal of mine for years to get to show a movie at this festival. And now we have it. We open for a feature that has Bryan Cranston in it. Pretty dope. I can’t wait to share what happens there.

Just when you start to think you have fallen off track a bit or been on hiatus for a month, the next two weeks kick in. That’s what I am motha’ f#$%in’ talking about. SUCCESS. Makes you wake up and smell that sweat. You smile. You start to look forward to what’s next. Man, I am excited about it too. Because I know this is just a small piece of what I am driving to. It is only still the beginning. Moving forward, always, with knowledge and skill-set, and there is a big and bright future ahead.

So if you are in L.A., come out and see the movie we worked on. CLOSING DOORS. It is playing at the Laemmle Sunset 5 at 5pm Sunday the 5th. That’s a lot of 5’s. It is at 8000 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. here is a link to the press release. Closing Doors Press Kit

If you are in Michigan next week, come to Saugatuck. We play Friday the 10th at 7pm and Saturday the 11th at 9pm at 400 Culver Street. Closing Doors Press Kit

Here are a bunch of pictures from last night and a some stuff from Nut Bucket Films, movie posters and our new icon.

Thanks for continued support from everyone. It continues to help me continue down a path that is full of boulders and rivers and alligators and sharks and obstacles that try to stop me everyday. Personal and exterior. But it is a weekend like this or next that prove to make it all worth it. SUCCESS. That’s for you Justin.

much love,