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a day to give back

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told you three peeps had shirts off


they gave us the shaded seats


nice guns Beau


Dan Ryan, creeps into every photo

It’s probably not what most are thinking. Not for charity or for a special cause, just being grateful, ya dig?

I have been saying that a lot lately. Ya dig? “Ya dig?” I don’t know why. And “Good good.” Someone asks me how I am and I say, “Good good.”

Here is the order to the recent giving back. The Los Angeles Dodgers, despite their most recent financial troubles, decided to come give Baby Blues BBQ two stacks of tickets to a couple of recent day games. They were showing a ton of gratitude for their many fine dinners of tasty ribs and pitchers of Nana’s Sweet Tea. These were not small stacks either. Fifty tickets each!

Now it was Baby Blues turn to give back. Who do they give back to? ME! I am sure it had a lot to do with my love for the Detroit Tigers, seeing how the game was against them, and the fact that I had the ability to get fifty people to attend. I love Baby Blues, man. Last week I spent a couple of hours sending out some invites to all the regulars that come into the restaurant and some of my close friends and colleagues, all deserving of a special “thank you” for just being the shizzle. In a matter of three hours we had the forty-plus tickets spoken for. Thankfully, at least six or so were Tiger fans.  And three had their shirts off, so they gave back also.

I just didn’t want to get my ass kicked at the stadium. That’s my main reason for inviting everyone, really. Dodger fans can be vicious. What better protection than forty friends? Kidding.

No, the main reason for inviting everyone was to show some gratitude for new relationships, old relationships, and BBQ.

I have said it before, Baby Blues is like the Mecca for all SUCCESS for me in the last couple of years. I probably met 90% of the people from my last project at that place.  So, thanks again Baby Blues BBQ.  “Like” it on Facebook.

The game was a blast. A bunch of actors, producers, directors, photographers, painters, agents, kids, fans, and dodger dogs. My friend told me your body can only digest two dodger dogs a year. I had eight between the two games I went to while the Tigers were in town. I have recently gained five random lbs. and can’t figure out why they won’t go away. It must be all the hot dogs inside me. Sick. Suck it, Scotty.

Go support the Dodgers, go eat some BBQ, watch some Nut Bucket Films stuff, and go be successful. That’s my bright little point for the day. Here are a bunch of pics of the day.



Papa Grande closing it out, Tigers win.




the crew, Lije, Jai, Tyler, Matt, Joy, and Stacia

jump off a bridge or into a shark tank?

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I love where I live

Or both?

This Sunday is my pal Kerry’s birthday.  What is he doing for his birthday?  Dragging all his friends northeast to the “Bridge to Nowhere”.  I freaking love it!  He always has the best birthdays.  Last year we went paintballing.  The trip is a 4 1/2 mile hike to the bridge followed by a bungee jump off the bridge, then lunch, and a leisurely hike back.  Sounds awesome right?  What’s more awesome is the text I got from my friend Sarah last night after inviting her along.  Here it is: So I met a guy wearing a suicide ‘bridge to nowhere’ t-shirt today and he inspired me to do some research. F that place!! Over 100 people have committed suicide off that bridge.  Apparently it’s beyond haunted!”  I called Sarah last night and all she would say was, “If I jumped, all I would think about is all the dead people and what they were thinking while they jumped!”  I love you Sarah.  This makes me want to go even more now.  I didn’t know it was haunted or suicidal.

As for the Sharks, you all know how much I love my Detroit teams.  The Red Wings come back home to the “Joe” to host San Jose for game 6 tonight.  If they win there will be a game 7.  They will win and there will be a game 7.  Which means my buddy Brandon and I are driving our asses up to San Jose and jumping into that Shark tank to watch the Wings take ’em down.  We were supposed to go up Sunday for game 5 but shit got all f#$%ed up and we ended up watching the game at B’s.  Turns out this was fate.  What better than a game 7.  B is heading over to my pad tonight for rib-eyes and shark meat.  Go WINGS!!!

Lot’s of stuff happening in my film world so I am going to give you all a quick update.

orientation at DWF


This little short I directed is now on its 3rd festival in as many months.  We will have our West Coast premiere at Dances With Films film fest right here in Los Angeles, CA.  It is actually playing at the Laemmle Sunset 5 theatre on June 5th at 5pm sharp.  I will be throwing a dope-ass after party like I did two years back when the feature I directed, Alphonso Bow, premiered there.  If you come to the screening, you will know about the party.  “Like” us on Facebook HERE please!  We would love some more fans.  It is a great little film and the stars, Dave and Brendan, are f#$%in’ great dudes!  Check their interview HERE.


It has been almost exactly three long years since we wrapped shooting this feature film that I directed and my father, M Sarki, wrote.  I remember because we started shooting on “Cinco de Mayo” and we wrapped in five days.  Crazy that we did this feature in five days.  It feels great to say that it is being released in just over a month by Vanguard Cinema.  If you click the site you will see it in the upcoming releases.  June 21st is the date.  We are so proud of this accomplishment.  It has a been a bumpy ride and a hustle but soon enough you will all have the opportunity to watch it if you like.  They have done some great new artwork for the DVD!  It really brings it to life.  We are also releasing it in color and b&w.  Most of the festivals had only seen it in b&w so this is new look at the film.  I will keep everyone posted as it gets closer.  “Like” us on Facebook HERE!

fight scene, UNDERBELLY


This Pilot project in itself deserves its own long write-up.  And I will get it done.  Soon.  We are about three more “shoot days” from wrapping the shooting portion of the project.  It has been a hell of a ride.  Shoestring budget, amazing cast, great director and producing partner, all the favors for locations and props, the time donated, and I could go on forever.  I am going to save it for later though.  Our director is on another job for three weeks so we have to push finishing until mid-June.  I am going to leave you with our cast list so you can see for your self how awesome it is.  “Like” us on Facebook HERE please if you want to keep up with the project and learn more about what it is.  Hopefully you will see it on Showtime in the near future…

CAST: Andy Dick, Reid Scott, David Rogers, Lije Sarki, Phillip Jeanmarie, Greg Evigan, Jamie Harris, Vanessa Evigan, Sonia Rockwell, Lauren Ziemski, Stephanie Rae Anderson, Natalie James.  If I forgot someone I am sorry.

Underbelly has been a trip.  I am an executive producer on it as well as a producer, production manager, sound guy, camera operator, driver, actor, and whatever the hell else you can imagine.  I have learned a lot once again.  I will share a lot more once we finish.  We have a lot of work to do.  Still have to sync and edit this thing.  Ryan, I love you for that.  Lauren, I love you for all your help too and just being you.  It has been a ride that I will not forget.  It has engulfed four months of my life.  I was recently on the verge of explosion until Ryan got a gig he couldn’t pass up.  It’s a good thing.  It has allowed me to take a three-week hiatus from anything film/TV/production/creating related.  Granted I still audition and go sling some drinks at a bar but that is all mindless.  Effortless.  It is just fun.  Not that the other isn’t fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit out of it.  I will love it even more when that is all I have to do to pay the bills.

For now, I am on vacation.  Enjoying where I live, the fruits of my labor, baseball, hockey, the beach, hikes, skateboarding, my lady friend, other friends and just being present and put together.  I love you Life.

Cheers!  GO WINGS! and Happy Birthday Kerry!

Lije and NBF

I am going to leave you with another quote from my good friend Sarah, “Hi kids! I’m going to work out with Richard Simmons at 6:30 on Tuesday at Beverly Hills studio. If anyone wants tocome let me know! Class is $15 and eveyone needs to be there 45 min early so factor it in!”  

SPECIAL NOTE:  Think twice before you ever ask me to do some shit like that again!  I am experimental, of course, but Richard Simmons scares the shit out of me.  

slingin' drinks

pal Brandon (B), repping the beer for the ticket to the game, GO WINGS!

Steph Rae, pre-fight scene, UNDERBELLY


Mike, on a boat, Catalina

psychiatrist scene, UNDERBELLY

me, life, fun, Catalina, again

poolside, UNDERBELLY

My lady friend

Chiggittee check yo’self

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It’s been one of those weeks. A bumpy little ride that decides to remind you what the f$&k you are supposed to be doing. Not that what I am doing is wrong or right, but is it the best path for me to take?

Last Saturday I was in some great company with some close peeps at the Dodger game. It was my buddy Dan’s birthday so I hooked up some tickets for us and we had a nice little baseball afternoon. We spent most of our time in the Stadium Club eating and drinking and gettin’ loose. Man that shit was fun. The Dodgers got whippin’ but I didn’t care, it was only the third game of the season and it was all about Dan’s birthday. He was pumped, I was pumped, The girls were pumped, and I was gettin’ loose.

Ended up for me a little too loose. I am an all or nothing kind of guy and when I decide to go strong I go big. I don’t really have a happy medium. So that afternoon quickly turned into an excuse for me to take the night off of work and spend it further having a good ole time. I can honestly say that the day was friggin’ awesome but was it worth it?

The guilt that I put on myself for my actions. I didn’t harm anyone. I just had a good time. But I missed work and was more than hungover the next day. I am my own worst enemy because any normal person would be OK with what had just occurred. They would probably be pumped and tell everyone how awesome it was. But me, I end up feeling guilty and shameful like I did something wrong and immediately judge myself. It’s not healthy for me but I don’t have any way to control my own mind from making me feel that way.

So I treat it as a check mark. It’s a point where I have to look in the mirror and decide if what I am doing is right for me. I have had a hell of a great few years and I know a lot of it is a result of me being on an even keel, knowing my limits and sticking by them. There is a reason I took a couple of years off from the bottle. It has made me a better person but at the same time it has completely f$&ked with my ability to have a guilt-free Saturday afternoon with friends.

It guess it’s good thing for me. I say it like it isn’t but it really is. Like I said earlier, I am all or nothing, and if I don’t check myself once in a while I will either end up losing everything or dead, most likely. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s true. I know some of you can relate and some might think I am crazy but my intentions are good. They always are. Sharing makes me better.

Immediately this week I got ultra focused. We are just three weeks out from finishing the shooting of our Pilot UNDERBELLY. I went location scouting for my next project, a thriller/horror film which will either stand alone as a feature or be part of a very secret plan to crush social media. You will know soon enough. ALPHONSO BOW comes out in June Nationwide via DVD, VOD, and all that other jazz. I am two weeks away from having my Director/Producer reel put together. CLOSING DOORS is headed to Germany next for another festival called the ISFF Detmold. And my buddy Eric is about two weeks from hearing from me so we can get back on track writing my life project.

Everyone falls off the tracks once in a while. Just hope you don’t crash and get right back on them. I am very lucky in my life so far and every slide has been for a reason. All good ones even if they seem bad. I might seem like I don’t have a personal life cuz I tell my BLOG everything, but I do and let me tell you that it freaking rocks. I am a grateful SOB.

So I leave you with DAS EFX and ICE CUBE saying “check yo self before you wreck yo self”.

Good stuff is coming. Keep listening.







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Premiere at the Uptown 8

For those of you who read this Blog, sorry I have been short on recent posts!  It has been a hell of a week and a half.

Last week was full of shooting the Pilot, Underbelly.  I was doing a little acting and a lot of producing and very little sleeping.  It was worth it though!  We got to shoot so many great people and we have a hell of a cast.  You can go to our Facebook page and read more about it and become a fan!  Here are a couple stills…

Phil, Reid, Lauren, and Sonia

Reid Scott and Andy Dick

After shooting all week I hopped on a red-eye to Detroit to premiere my short film, Closing Doors, at the Detroit Independent Film Fest (DIFF).  It was my second year attending it and let me be the one to tell you that they kick ass!  In one year they have grown a huge audience and several new venues.  I was lucky to have a great screening time at the Birmingham Uptown 8, the nice rich part of Detroit.  Thanks to Robert Butler for that!  He is the director of the festival and a solid dude and excellent filmmaker.  Props to Aaron Karns too.

In thirty-six hours in the “D” I managed to do a ton of shit.  My best pal Justing picked me up from the airport at 9am and we headed back to his house to play with his daughter Olivia.  She is going on two years old and is much more fun than she was last time I visited.  She is so cute and so friggin’ happy.  She has a liking to me too.  She kept following me around the house and I’m not even very nice.

J and ILater we headed into town and did some shopping.  I bought a bunch of “Made in Detroit” gear.  Kid Rock’s company.  I realized while I was trying on the clothes that some of them were Alternative Apparel.  My pal Greg Alterman owns that company so I supported heavily with some purchases.  I actually went to Greg’s fashion event Tuesday to celebrate the new line coming out but that’s another story.  Ran into a ton of old friends.  Just like at his birthday.  Whatever.  Getting sidetracked.

My pals Stone and Canoy at the film screening

We packed up the car with people and hit the screening of the film.  Movie started at 5pm.  The theatre was packed.  I had never seen anything like it at all the festivals I have attended.  It was awesome!  I had some college buddies come to the screening too.  We had the entire back row of the theatre.  The show was sold-out!  The experience could not have been better except for the fact I wanted to gouge my eyes out while watching the first of the four films.  We screened third.  Lot’s of laughs and a chick next to me was actually balling her eyes out at the end of the film.  It made me proud to get such a great reaction to the film.  There were a lot of great comments after the screening.  Good times all around.

We hit Dick O Dow’s after for some grub and pints.  The closing night party for DIFF was there too.  It started at 10PM so by the time we finished eating and drinking the festival peeps showed up and I got to do some more mingling with the “movie” types.  Kudos To Rob and Aaron for putting on such a great show.  And to everyone who helped them!

I was exhausted by Sunday and didn’t fly out until the evening so Justin and I headed up to Mario’s to watch the last of the college hoops games.  We always go to Mario’s.  It is like our little watering hole.  Shitty music, bad food, and boring people.  But nobody bothers us.  That’s how we like it.  Just us.  Sitting there.  Not talking really.  Didn’t need to.  Just hangin’.  Like buds do.  I needed it oh so bad.  Check out this review of Mario’s on yelp.  Hilarious!

“Dear Kat:

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but after this weekend, your dining out recommendation credentials have been revoked.  On Friday, we hit Station 885 and then on Saturday, we hit this place: East Side Mario’s. C’mon!  Are you trying to kill me?

Now, I am ready to accept responsibility and acknowledge the truth:  I brought this on myself.  I forgot to make reservations at Izakaya Sanpei and they couldn’t take our table of eight.  There, I said it.  IT’S MY FAULT I HAD TO EAT AT EAST SIDE MARIO’S EVERYONE.  Are you happy?

But the fact remains…you said this place was good…and well, I feel like you lied to me.  This place sucks and deep down inside, I think you know it sucks.   This place is everything I hate in a restaurant.  Let’s start with the “ambiance.”  This place is decorated like a ShowBiz Pizza minus the creepy singing animitrons.  It’s obscenely loud and full of children, some of whom were singing.   I wanted to jam a fork in my eye.

Now let’s move on to the menu.  Once again, I will take responsibility and say I have some weird ass dietary restrictions, but all I wanted was a vegetarian salad.  That’s all I need.  They have three salads at this place and all of them have meat and/or fish.  While they have lots of stuff on the menu, none of it even approaches healthy.  In the end, I got a Caesar  and called it a day.  In all honesty, I shouldn’t complain about the food because I didn’t really eat it and it doesn’t matter…because I wouldn’t come back to eat here if the food tasted like it was beamed down from heaven and was simultaneously calorie free.  Why?

THE SERVICE!  My salad (Caesar) had four ingredients.  The seven other people we were dining with all got their lavish dishes and had eaten half of it by the time I got my salad.

This place is cheap so it gets a star for that and I’ll give them another one for being able to immediately seat a table of eight and as an acknowledgment that I was cranky on the night in question.



Me at Dick's

I realized taking that trip that I need to bust over there more often.  It’s an easy flight and a quick hang.  I am gonna start doing it every other month.  Tiger games and hangin with J.  Nothing better.

This week has not slowed down at all.  A little more shooting and some auditions.  I am prepping the secret screening of Closing Doors at Baby Blues BBQ on Monday the 21st!.  Come down if you are in the neighborhood.  Here is a link to the party invite.  CLICK HERE

I am off to Tampa next week to take the film to the Gasparilla Film Fest (GIFF).  This I have been told it is going to be insanity.  I guess they host a hell of a party.  Justing is meeting me down there and we are going to a bunch of Detroit Tiger spring training games at the same time.  Hells yes!  Get excited people.  Life is good.  Enjoy it.  And say something for the peeps across the ocean.  That is so sad and even a positive thought might help.  Much love,


Uptown 8

the packed lobby!


Hunt and Sarki…shredding the AM

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Early morning skate session...

Ha Ha Ha!

That’s what it felt like at least.  Shredding.  My buddy Andrew Hunt who is now a “big-time” producer called me out on a post I had written a while back.  He said we needed to go skating.  So he showed up at my house this morning at 8am so we could hit the Venice skatepark before it got too busy.  Well, I also wanted to go early because I haven’t ridden the park in years and I used to be pretty good and I was afraid of getting embarrassed.  Honestly, I am not embarrassed because of what other people think.  It bothers me that I use to kind of rip it and now I am afraid I can’t do what I used to.  So it’s basically me not wanting to suck for my own well-being.  Same reason I don’t play video games anymore.  I used to destroy me some Mortal Kombat and Madden.  Now I get owned online by a three-year-old.  It has also been about ten years since I have consistently ridden a skateboard.  I mean, I ride my skateboard still, just not how I used to.  Not as many tricks and stuff, ya know?

So we rolled out at 8am.  Cruised over to the park.  I instantly dropped into the bowl and started messing around.  After about ten minutes of cruising, I shit you not, I was busting fatty kick-flips and heel-flips up off the wedges.  I still had my “pop” too!  I was so proud and pumped.

skating the wedge

This was honestly the best morning I have had in a long time.  I felt like I did back in the day.  It is sort of like getting in the ocean first thing in the morning.  It affects the rest of your day in such a positive and productive way.  I suggest to everyone to find that “something” that does it for you and start your day with that.

Andrew Hunt and shred

Then I went to Dogtown Crossfit and got my “work-out” on, dropped my car off to get fixed, and ran back four miles from the shop.  It is only noon in L.A.

Skateboarding rules.  We made a commitment to do this every week.  I made a commitment to get all my skills back by the end of February.  That’s if I don’t break something.  Thank gosh for SAG insurance.

I get to act tomorrow in my favorite scene from Underbelly with Vanessa Evigan.  Ryan Philander is directing.

Happy Tuesday,

Lije and Nut Bucket…


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Lije Sarki as "JC Sedwick" in SUPERHEROES

At least for a day.  At least for two hours.  Twice so far I have played a Superhero.  My name is JC Sedwick and I have the power of “mind control”.  But I am also working on other abilities like “levitation”.

That’s what I did on Sunday.  Bright and early in the middle of the streets of Beverly Hills.  Screaming, “Pick a card, any card…I this your card??”  And then I saved an old man from being ran over by a truck.

Lije and shoot

I was acting  in a nice little project written and directed by my pal Bentley Montes.  It is a fun little project he put together and he offered me one of the roles as one of the superheroes.  I study with Bentley at John Rosenfeld Studios, an acting studio.

Lije and Steve (on left) and pal

That acting studio has been responsible for a lot of recent connections in my filmmaking/acting career.  I met my producer for Closing Doors there.  I met some of my cast for the Pilot, Underbelly, that we are shooting now.  I have become a better Director by watching my teacher, John, work/teach.  I have become a better actor by getting to practice every week.  That’s what it is all about.  Practice.

It was about a year and a half in between me making a film.  The time between Alphonso Bow and Closing Doors was nearly two years.  Granted there was a lot going on with Alphonso Bow and I was basically the only one left to work on it.  The festival circuit and then the release.  Then the un-release.  And now the soon-to-be announcement of some great news for Alphonso Bow!  It takes time and energy finishing a project.  But after shooting Closing Doors I realized I need to be making at least a film a year.  I need to keep fresh and keep my skill-set on point.   Plus making movies is fun (tagline).  And I believe I have been doing a pretty good job.  Maybe not “Superhero” good but pretty darn good.  A lot of my recent inspiration has come from knowing I have completed another project.  And they keep getting better.

The next two days are crucial.  I am going to start posting some of my filmmaker Bio from the last three or four years as soon as I finish it.  But more importantly, we shoot one of the scenes I am acting in on Wednesday from the Pilot, Underbelly.  I am really looking forward to it.  It is actually my favorite scene in the entire script.  Maybe because I am in it.  No really, the script is great and we have some really wonderful actors attached to the project and hoping to attach the final few after next week by using some of the footage we have already shot.  Maybe I can give you all a taste with some photos later in the week.  Maybe.

I wanna give a shout-out to Tim McCarthy.  You are a good dude.  I had a great time hanging with you this weekend and seeing your little boys.  You too Rick.  Have fun in Disneyland.

sweet and short today,


my head is a constant mind-f#%k…

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I am alright...I really am

Or my mind is getting away from me.  Sometimes I don’t even know what I am thinking about.

That is a stretch.  My mind works just fine.  In fact, it works too much.  Too much thinking and over-thinking.  What has really been getting to me lately is my career.  It is a serious mind-f#&k.  It is not that I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  Shit, I am plenty grown up even though I like to act like I am not, more times than not.

It is just that I feel that my plate is too full.  How can you be good at everything when you do so many things?  I Produce.  I started to do this TV Pilot about a month back with a talented writer/director I know and another close friend is Producing with me.  It is a great project and I think it has a lot of potential.  So I am digging through all my resources to make some shit come to life for this thing.  We start shooting this Saturday and we shall see.  We have put together a hell of a cast so far.

I Direct which by default has me producing as well, at least until someone comes in and gives me the “big bucks” to hire a great Producer.  I have two projects in the early stages of creation that are both very f#&ing good.  I have told you all before.  One is a thriller/horror feature film made for the Internet and the other is “MY NEW BABY”.  It is the creme de la creme.  The mother of all ships.  This one is gonna affect some people.  I have never been more excited and passionate about a project yet.  And best thing, the excitement and passion has not faded one bit.  Usually when you think of something it is the best right away, then it gradually fades out from being this superb idea into something mediocre.  Not this one.  I will share no details because it is that close to me.  I have lived a lot in the years I have been alive.  Soon I will get to show everyone.

A still Act.  Commercial acting pays a lot of bills.  It is great money when you get the job.  It is fairly easy too.  You don’t really have to prepare.  You can just go and show up to the audition and go into the room and do what you are supposed to do.  Rarely you will get some material ahead of time and have to learn a page of script.  But if so, it is still rather simple.  It comes down to advertising a lot.  It is common that Chevy or Bud Light wants a specific look and really you have no control over what happens.  It is a numbers game.  And it doesn’t take a lot of time.  As long as you do what you are supposed to do when you go into the room you should get a few jobs here and there.

Now theatrical acting is what has been getting to me.  That is when you get to go to audition for TV and Movies.  It is a whole different beast.  This takes time.  You have to prepare.  You get material and have to learn pages.  Sometimes six, sometimes more, sometimes less.  Sometimes you need to read an entire script to understand what is going on.  I take an acting class every Friday.  That helps keep my theatrical skills in check.  It also helps with my directing because my acting teacher is amazing and watching him adjust actors and work with them is awesome.  And stealing from him helps me out tremendously.  Thank you John Rosenfeld.  Here is the credit that is due.  But, being in class takes time.  It is the same as an audition.  You get material.  You have to rehearse it.  Learn it.  Maybe read a script.  Class is four hours long.  Let’s do some math here.  Say I have one audition for a TV show and some class material.  Let’s say I am getting really good at auditioning.  I maybe spend two hours on the TV audition, plus two hours reading the entire script (if it is a new show or a Pilot) and then two hours driving to and from the audition.  Class that week has a scene from a movie.  Two hours reading that script and another three hours rehearsing it and maybe even driving to meet a classmate to work on it.  Then four hours in class.  One audition and one class and I have spent fifteen hours on being a theatrical actor in a week.

That is fifteen hours that could have gone into creating my passion project or my horror flick or even time to prep the Pilot.

Not to mention the time I need to allocate to Alphonso Bow and Closing Doors, the last two films I completed.  Alphonso Bow is with a sales agent so that helps.  Closing Doors just got into its first festival and should have a lot more follow.  Which means traveling to all of them and having a f#%ing blast celebrating our accomplishments.

The point of all of this, I have no gosh darn clue.

I am happier than I have ever been in my career and life.  I think it stems from life at home too.  I love where I live and everything about what I have built here.  I am more successful than I have ever been.  My skill set is improving everyday.  I am pretty damn good and most of the things I listed above.  I am great at a couple of them.  The question is, can I be great at all of them?  Is my time better spent at losing one of them?  Fifteen more hours making a movie each week could be vital in it ever getting finished.  But those fifteen hours have introduced me to talented people I would have otherwise never gotten to know and which some of the actors in the Pilot would have never been cast.  Hmmm.

BUT, I will say that this is the shit that drives me as a human.  The hustle.  The f#%ing “TO DO” list that is constantly getting adjusted daily based on what I checked off from the day before and what I have added that new day.  I love this shit!

I guess the Universe is saying to keep doing what you are doing.  Stay on track.  Stay focused for now.  The train is still running on the tracks.  It is actually cruising right along.  Life is rad.  Shut up and enjoy the ride.

Deep thoughts today,

Yours truly,


this is why we call it “Nut Bucket Films”

whale watching and my NFL picks

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actually made in Traverse City, but close enough

I am going to try to write everyday.  “They” say to write everyday.  For the BLOG, ya know?

I don’t write unless I feel like writing.  Maybe three times a week, maximum.  It is hard.  I am so dang busy with life.  Maintaining a BLOG is a commitment.  It is like a girlfriend or a kid.  Maybe not a kid.  It needs attention.  You have got to keep the relationship fresh.  No one wants repetition.  Unless you repeatedly BLOG about the super cool shit.  That is good repetition.  You have to do something nice for it once in a while.  Maybe throw up a video or change the theme.  This is all very new to me.  I just started writing this thing in August.  I try to keep it relevant.  I talk about life, work, and the hustle.

As we hit the 15-day mark in January I feel I have never been more on track in my entire life.  I am happier than I have ever been.  My career is plowing ahead as a filmmaker.  The acting world has been lucrative as of late.  I love my roommate and living where I live.  A half of a block off the beach in Venice, CA.  Big bonus, I got Lindsey Lohan as my neighbor.  And most of all, I got a fu#%&ng iPhone!!!  My life is synced up.  I don’t know why I fought the change for so long.  I am stubborn.  I will try to be less stubborn.  It is complete for now.  OMG, and on my bike ride up the coast yesterday, not only did I see dolphins just kicking it in the water, I saw whales!  It was crazy.  I have never seen them in real life unexpectedly like that.  It was so true to the feeling yesterday.

the whale is in the middle...

I have a three-year plan including a TV Pilot, A feature-length thriller/horror for the Internet with my boy, Jeff Grettler from the Fu Man Kru, and my life-project feature film that just came to me on Christmas Day, a film that will knock socks off.  This bad boy is gonna make an emotional impact on the world.  This is my passion project.  I am lucky enough to be working with my childhood friend to write/make the fu#%er.  I have not felt so good and powerful about anything in my life yet.

Friends are not like what they used to be.  I grew up in Michigan and had a tight-knit crew before heading off to college.  Those were the ride-or-die types of Peoples.  I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately.  Mainly because I am writing this movie and studying a bunch great films that I love and it is bringing back so many memories.  I wish I could still have those relationships I had in the 90’s.  But there is something about just remembering them that makes me happy.  The shit that we would do, the fun and trouble we would get into, and how it drove me to be the man I am today.  Hell of a story.  I would give some shout-outs but they know who they are.  Plus, I need to save it for the movie.

It is a 78 degree day here in Los Angeles.  The sun is shining and there are bluebird skies.  Tyler is heading over to give me a lesson on the Canon 7D that I just bought.  Nut Bucket is shooting the Pilot, Underbelly, on it.  I shot Closing Doors on it.  It is a hell of a pretty camera and relatively inexpensive.  I ordered sound equipment yesterday so we should be all set for our little guerilla filming crew.

worth posting...beautiful day on 1.14.11

Closing Doors got into its first film festival yesterday.  It got into the first one it could have gotten a response from.  1 for 1 so far.  We are happy as hell about it.  I will announce in a day or two when all the dust clears and it is set in stone.

Most of all today, I am fired up to watch some NFL playoffs!  My picks for the weekend are as follows.  I hope I don’t offend anyone.  I got the Ravens and Packers winning today.  I got the Jets covering tomorrow.  And I got the Bears destroying the Seahawks.  Sorry Hawks but you had your game.  This is a Superbowl defense that the Bears are runnin’ with.  Even if Cutler sucks balls they will still put on a “beat down”.

Oh, and since I tell you people everything, I met a chick.  I am really into her.

Peace out,

The “NBF”

P.S.  This is my boy Cooper.  I miss the fellow.  He is getting older.  I have known him since I was in college.  In the 90’s.  I love you Cooper.  See you this summer.

Cooper aka Copper...baddest doggie on planet Earth.


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Time to break away...

Yo yo yo yo!

I have been gone for almost three weeks.  I was on track to writing at least once or twice a week, but I tell you, life gets ahold of you sometimes.

I have been on a few adventures, that’s for sure.  Every single one of them deserves their own separate blog.

I went to the Red Wings vs Kings game this last weekend with my pal, Sonia Rockwell.  “Big Ups” to my man Will Wright for hooking-it-up with the tickets!

Detroit lost but the poster was a hit.  Go Wings

I spent my Turkey Day  in Maui!  I have a buddy by the name of Keith Zielinski who has a house out there.  he is a real Estate guru.  if you ever need a house there look him up.  Pacific Shore Realty.  He puts me up, cooks me dinner, and takes care of me like a five-star hotel.  My wife outside of America.  I like to think Maui counts as leaving the country.  It is far and definitely doesn’t feel like I am in the USA.  I got SCUBA certified there and swam with some more sharks!  I got a nice video to edit so that will go up this week or next, hopefully.

"Big Beach" in Maui

Me and Lenny Schmidt shot some more little web gems for Baby Blues BBQ.  Here is the latest.  I truly believe this one to be funny.  You can find them all at or the Facebook page.

Lately, I have been editing Closing Doors. Yup, that’s right, I edited the film.  I was not an editor before this.  I had very basic skills on Final Cut Pro.  But, like I said in the last post, I took a tutorial on AVID and BAM!  I was not an editor before but I am now.  Thankfully, I am a quick learner.  Minus a couple of hold-ups, actually a giant f%&*ng hold-up (the 30-day trial for AVID stopped working on day 14), I am almost done with the edit.  “Thank you” people at AVID for saving me.  I will save the story for the “trials and tribulations” section of making a movie when I write my biography or accept my Oscar.  The last piece is the Score.  I am so grateful to have Lol Tolhurst from The CURE composing it!  Now that is cool.

OK, so now what?  I am almost finished with Closing Doors.  We are going to do a festival run.  I hope.  I think it’s pretty dang good.  It should do well.  So, minus submissions and some marketing, that project is in a holding pattern.  We still need help financially help to finish the project so if you want a perk, feel good about helping out, and be a part of a dope-ass film then check this out right HERE.

I am working on a TV Pilot with writer/director Ryan Philander and my producing partner Lauren Ziemski called Underbelly.  We have some super talented and “working” actors attached.  I will announce the names when the time is right.  We are still casting a couple of the roles.  Patience people.  We start shooting after the new year begins.  Not only producing it, but I will also be playing the role of Eric, an out-of-work actor in rehab, struggling with life and a cheating ex-girlfriend who we find out is pregnant with one of his best friends.  That is just episode 1.  Can’t wait to put the acting hat on again for something substantial.

Now for the big announcement!!  The big punch!  The motha f%&*in snake on a plane!  I am going to direct the teaser (Episode 1) of a 10 episode web project me and my partners in Texas are creating.  Yup, I am working with the Fu Man Kru once again and Jeff Grettler is playing “point”.  It is a high intensity thriller/horror in the realm of  Traffic meets Lost in a little dirty Border Town.  It will represent a feature film in length and could play out as that, but instead will play in 10 separate episodes in the Internet.  That’s about as much info as I can give at this point.  We have a little handshake deal with a company that wishes to stay anonymous for the time being.

How did I get to here?  Today?  Now?

I have done some projects.  I directed a feature called Alphonso Bow.  I produced a couple features with my partners in Texas, For Whom He Tolls and Stabbin’ Kabin.  I just directed the short film, Closing Doors.  They are all solid projects.  I am especially proud of each and every one of them.  I am excited about the new one, Underbelly.  It has a lot of potential.

I am having a wonderful time creating and I love my job.  I wear a lot of hats.  I want to get rid of some hats.  I want to Direct and I want to get paid for it.  I have talent.  I need to get noticed.  I have decided I have a Mentor.  He doesn’t know it.  Maybe he does.  It doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t.

I went to my mentor on Monday and said “Yo, ____ , what the hell do I have to do to get to do what you do?  This is what I have done…How do I make the leap?  How do I get to the next level?  What the F%k do I do next?”  He replied to me, “Do the ‘Narc‘ version of your movie.  Do something that will knock people’s socks off.  You either got to do something really funny or really action packed or really f%&*in’ relevant.”  That’s when it hit me.  Why produce just a script for the web series?  Why not shoot the opening episode?  Why not you, Lije Sarki, direct the opening episode and show what you got?  Why not knock the doors off it?  Why not blow people away?  Then we have a teaser to pitch with the project (the already great idea).

So there you have it.  The next big thing for me is this teaser. This BIG teaser.  Lots of work ahead.  Shooting in the Winter/Spring 2011.

Muchas Gracias Mentor.

Lije and a bucket of Nuts…

Life’s a BEACH…zero downtime.

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photo by E Michael Sarki.

Well I wanted to quickly let everyone know that I have not won a million dollars and gone on vacation to Africa to help cure world hunger.  I would LOVE to.  I really would.  That is something my sister did.  Minus the million bucks.

Or Life’s a Peach.

I did NOT book a recurring role on Mad Men.

I have not gotten eaten by a shark paddle-boarding.

I am trying to get my online SCUBA certification done in the next 24 hours.  This is easy but it is time-consuming.  If they didn’t make you take a quiz every three questions!  WTF!  My friend has a friend who knows someone who has a friend that has a cousin that might know how to do the open-water portion of the certification progress once I get to Maui on Monday.  I got another friend who is going to take me to Catalina when I get back to do some scuba diving with the GREAT WHITE SHARK, in a cage of course.

Michigan State University will be in Maui for the Maui Invitational Monday through Wednesday.  I will be attending those games!  HOLLA!!!

I am spending Thanksgiving in Maui.  Well deserved.  Thankfully my pal Keith  has a house there and accommodations are fantastic.  He has a bunch of toys to play with as well.

I have been sitting in front of a laptop editing Closing Doors for 18 of the last 24 hours.  I had also spent the last three days before that setting up my laptop with AVID media composer while taking an extreme crash course in editing on AVID.

I am familiar with Final Cut Pro, but that does me no good when the project was edited by the first two people on AVID.  Unless I start from scratch.  Which would be more time-consuming.

I have had two different editors on Closing Doors so far.  They are both talented as hell and I love them dearly but I have NOT gotten to see the cut I wanted or envisioned as of yet.  The big reason for that.  MONEY!

We have low/no budget for this project and we have no money to pay people for their time, so they have little or no time to help out for free, so we get the best of what we can get from them in the shortest amount of time.  We also get help via NYC and an external office which means I am not present at the time of editing to make changes and share my lovely opinion of how I see the film playing out.

NOW I AM EDITING THE FILM.  These are NOT complaints!!  i am actually really enjoying this.  I just wish I knew a few extra shortcuts but they are coming along the way.

It is cool though.  If you are going to be a true filmmaker you should be able to do it from the beginning to the end.

I just received a new camera two days ago.  A Canon 7D.

So theoretically if I find a sound guy I can shoot a film and finish it all by myself, with a sound guy.  And then I will need some color correction and some score and some music.  But that is close to doing it by myself.

I also have a few other jobs.  One is producing this Pilot called Underbelly with Lauren Ziemski and Ryan Philander.  Ryan wrote and will direct.  I am acting in it.  So is Lauren.  Ryan took a stab at editing Closing Doors.  He is a super talented editor.  He did a great job and I got a lot of ideas from his work.  I am hoping he will make a hybrid between his vision and mine when he gets back from NYC.  It is a Tit for Tat situation.

Speaking of a Tit for Tat situation, you can still donate to the film!  We need your help.  We have a few thousand bucks left to spend on submissions and marketing and it is almost time to spend it.  it you give a measly $25 you get a copy of the DVD and your name on the t-shirt (official) and movie poster (official).  Come on people!!!  That is the best deal on the planet.  Click HERE.  There are a bunch of other perks at the link below.  Also, you can write the donation off!  We are sponsored by a non-profit.  I know you all have taxes to write of for the end or the year.

or here

I am trying to get a trailer together to give everyone a taste of the film.  Soon enough!

OK, enough rambling, I need to go back to editing.

I got a haircut.

Love you all,